Rainy June Update!

Here we are again, a month after our first post on our blog and a month since the publication of the article in the Guardian that has brought many people to this website. Many things have changed in the meantime, not just the weather!

We received an amazing response from the article – our Crowdfunder page received many donations, our website was visited by many people happy to donate funds as well and so many beautiful letters of support and donations from individuals came through our letterbox.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone!

We have now managed to raise over £3000 and all of that money will go towards Wild Things running programmes in the woods with children from inner city Nottingham.

Thank you for ensuring our work continues for that much longer.

The pandemic continues, but the lockdown measures are slowly being changed, and we do not know what that will mean for Wild Things. We are hoping to get children out to the woods again as soon as it is safe to do so, to enjoy all the benefits of the physical and mental space, and to help them recover from the last few months. We are busy preparing so that we are ready to get back into action when the time is right and the groups we work with are ready. Currently the majority of funding is being directed at the very important issues of Covid Care. Accessing funding for longer term projects has therefore never been so hard. Wild Things, like so many other projects, is expecting that our precarious situation will most probably continue for a while to come.

That is why we have decided to keep our Crowdfunder going for now, and we would like to ask you to continue supporting us if you can, by spreading the word about us and our work and introducing more people to the sort of work that we do and the importance of it, particularly in these days.

We are excited about the day we will be able to report to you about the sessions we have organized with your donations. Hopefully that will not be too far in to the future.

Thank you again and take care until next time!

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