Our new website!

Welcome to our new website and our first post on our new blog! 

These days are both exciting and scary for us – with the Covid-19 pandemic we are, like many other small organisations in our field, going through a rough patch of work being on hold and uncertain times ahead. We are hoping that the coming weeks will clear that uncertainty somewhat. 

But we are also excited about our voice making it through the ether of the internet again. We have just started changing our website and it will soon be complete, with all the information, photos and exciting ideas you can imagine. 

Another exciting bit of news is the fact that we have featured in the Guardian!

Last weekend an article “I feel I’ve come home’: can forest schools help heal refugee children?” presented our work and mission to the wider public. Written by Patrick Barkham, it is an extract from his recently published book Wild Child. We have had some great responses from readers and have also received kind donations. We are very grateful for that, as the world ahead does not seem to be very clear on the future of forest school provisions and any resources coming in now will help secure our organisation for a bit longer. 

We have set up a Crowdfunder page that you can access here. If you would like to contribute, please do.

And we will see you soon with a complete website and a new blog post!