Wild Things provides high-quality, tailored, woodland based learning experiences for children and young people, that are participant centred and aim to engage the children and young people in the natural world in an inclusive and supportive way. 

How we work

Financing Programmes

We are committed to working with groups to help overcome any financial obstacles (including sliding scales of cost, Wild Things working to secure funding to allow your group to access our project, or working together on a joint funding application).

Group Work

We predominantly work with groups rather than running open sessions. This allows us the opportunity to discuss a group's needs and objectives when we are helping plan which programme would best suit the group. ​

Flexible Programme

We aim to be as flexible in our delivery as possible, to allow for programmes to be adjusted to meet the needs of the group and the individuals in them. We are also open to creating programmes outside of our usual offer, if that is what is needed. We're always up for considering a challenge in order to make engaging with the natural world more accessible.

WHere we work

The majority of Wild Things work occurs at two main locations: Bestwood Country Park in Nottinghamshire and Shining Cliff Woods in Derbyshire.

Bestwood Country Park

Bestwood is one of the beautiful remnants of the original Sherwood Forest. Although it is only four miles north of Nottingham city, it has a unique, timeless and unspoilt feel to it which provides a powerful and memorable experience for both children and adults. There are places in the woods where it is still rare to bump into another person and where you can come across wild deer. The combination of undisturbed woodland, patches of heathland, high views across open farm land and the rich history of the woods make it a perfect place for adventure and discovery. 


Shining Cliff Woods

Shining Cliff Woods, approximately 4 miles from Belper in Derbyshire, is an incredibly rich woodland in both atmosphere and history (the woods is peppered with the remains of the stone huts that the Gyfth Pioneers lived in, and old mill stones that are half carved out of rock). With areas of special scientific interest, streams, a lake, caves and rock formations, and incredible wild flowers, it also borders stunning views over the hills of the Amber Valley. Time at Shining Cliff is an adventure in itself, providing visitors with a sense of stepping into the past and a different world.

Shining Cliff

groups we usually work with

  • Wild Things works with a large diversity of groups with varied needs. In an average year Wild Things delivers successful and accessible experiences with the following types of groups:
  • pupil referral units,
  • Virtual School (children in social services care),
  • mainstream school groups from both city and rural areas (for both full classes and specialised small nurture groups such as girls-only and English as an Additional Language groups),
  • specialized youth support groups (i.e. Young Carers, Action for Children and children’s groups from Refugee Forums),
  • alternative education provisions,
  • Play and Youth projects

Our offer

Forest school

A woodland based programme for children and young people. It is suitable for school years 4 and above, play and youth groups.


An experience for year 5’s up to adults. Wild things offer a range of residential packages to suit the needs of your group.

Team Building Days

team building days

These days offer a series of short term games and other age-appropriate challenges in the natural world – an ideal, nurturing environment for encouraging children and young people to work together.

Teddy bear's picnic

A packed one day programme for school years 1 and 2. The children explore the natural world and learn the “needs of life” for “Teddy Bears” and all other living things.

Home Sweet Home

home sweet home

A one day programme for school year groups 4, 5 and 6, promoting understandings of different habitats and the needs of species that live there.

Mini-Beast Explorers

Mini-beast explorers

A one day programme for 3 to 5-year-olds, complimentary to early years mini-beasts projects, by helping to give the children some practical outdoors experience of a woodland habitat and the mini-beast residents.


If you would like to discuss your group’s needs, or any of our programmes, just send us an email or give us a call. 

If you have an idea but are worried that there might be financial barriers to your group accessing our programmes, please do get in touch.